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Applied Research Technologies - Intranet/Client Portals.  Confidential -  Internet site architecture, graphic design, script use, QA, marketing/branding, onging site support. Defining Solutions:  *This site is now supported by the owner. 13 O'Clock - ezine concept, architecture, graphics, editor, worked with team to gather content and publish. On hiatus -  Internet site architecture, graphic design, QA, marketing/branding, site still currently in development. Intel / CDI:  User Experience Department - Intranet, UI research and prototyping. Confidential Fix My Glove - Site architecture, graphic design, script implementation, QA Acclaim Studios Salt Lake City, Utah, Intranet design (not publicly available)
Astrolo-Jewels - Currently in design/development Digital Signature Trust Co. - Site maintenance.   Intranet architecture. Confidential - site design, forms, web art MyWebHelp - Built to share web  developing and web accessibility information with other web developers.
Baker Process Department Intranet - Worked on the Technology Dept. Intranet. Confidential - site design, web art, forms    

To view samples of my artwork click here.

* Note:  Various sites were removed from this listing after major changes were made to the sites by the site owners.  These include:
D.R. Mortenson Insurance & Investments, Inc., American Translators Group

Intranet work is confidential and is not available for review.


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