The Enchanted Carousel - continued...

ther's story was true. A smile flickered across his lips lighting his face for a few seconds. "When I came home from college, the local witch, who was young, and actually very pretty…" He looked away. "Well she wanted to marry me, and I didn't want anything to do with her or her spells. I really didn't think that she had any power, but she enchanted me in her anger, binding me to her forest carousel, to be freed only by love." He met her eyes again and she could feel herself blush.
"At first she visited me daily, and then over the years she forgot about me. I think she died almost a century ago. That was when the carousel began to disappear for large amounts of time, except for when the moon was full. That was the only time there seemed to be enough power for the carousel to manifest, and on those nights all of the animals and I would be free to escape for a few hours, but then we would be drawn back to the carousel and imprisoned. I was not clothed as the spell did not keep my clothing from disintegrating, just my body, much like the forest animals."
"She, the witch, had hoped that I would grow to love her… How could such manipulation create love?" His storm colored eyes were filled with emotion and anger. Amy realized that she had been holding her breath, and she exhaled.
"It couldn't." She whispered. He smiled and touched her cheek, gently brushing a strand of her hair away from her face.
"I saw you as a child, hiking with your Grandfather, and when you became a woman, I - I fell in love with you. This…" he paused, and she met his eyes. "our love, which I now know you feel too, is what has freed me." She remembered the afternoons that she had passed in the meadow. How she had felt drawn there as a college student. Many Sunday's had been spent amongst the wildflowers, reading a book, and drinking water from a canteen. She had thought she had been alone, but now she knew. Her heart had known immediately, he had been there with her.
She looked away from his stormy eyes, and with his arm around her they walked away from the carousel, which she could hear falling apart behind them. Neither of them looked back. They crossed the meadow, away from the dark enchantments and pain, and into the warm sunshine filled morning.

*Please note - The Enchanted Carousel is a reprint - originally published in The Unicorn's Vale. - Issue 2

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