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Suz's Tutorial Pick:

Find it with My Web Help!
Tips for how to edit existing scripts, tutorials to learn JavaScript from as well as links to script libraries.

SSI Simplify. 1 file for each navigation menu. Update one file with navigation changes, instead of every page on your site.  Find out how.

CGI/Perl - ASP/VB Jewels to make your site glitter. Tips, and links to script libraries.

DHTML, HTML Follow your bliss, whether it's to the snowflakes falling across your browser, or on mouse over events. Click here for great Code Snippets!

Graphics free clipart, photos and icons. Links to commercial photo sites too. Find out about favicon.

Kid Friendly website!
The Magic Lunchbox - fun sites for kids!

 My Portfolio, Temp/Sample Novell site 4/27/01


Discovery Channel Neanderthals
Is your family a bunch of Neanderthals?  Have you done your genealogy?  Do you know for sure?  Here's a link to a site I helped organize.
Of interest:  Book The Seven Daughters of Eve: The Science That Reveals Our Genetic Ancestry

...from sea to shining sea 09/16/01
This week has been full of disbelief and sadness and words have often failed. American's have drawn together and  found the people of the world there with us. United we stand. God bless America!

Click here to hear the Pledge of Allegiance.

Our love and sympathy goes out to everyone affected by the tragedy of September 11th. Please be kind to everyone.

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Do you need help with HTML? What is Accessibility? Where can you find free graphics and tutorials? At My web help

Story Link: 09/16/01
The Enchanted Carousel Fantasy
A story masked by moonlit shadows and enchanted mountain meadows.  A fairy tale of strength and love.

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