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- JavaScript or CSJS - - -
This code can really add a lot to your site.  Size popup windows, alert messages, etc... here are some links to some script libraries.  And if you want to become a real geek, look into Server side java scripting.  Oh, yeah, and you'll need something to wear...

-  ASP & VBS - - -
Watch your language, oh sorry, scripting language.  I've been sitting here to long.  You need to use a language like VBS or Perl with ASP.  Tutorials and links

- CGI & PERL - - -
Was there life before ASP, was and is... with CGI and Perl!

- DHTML - - -
From Cascading Style Sheets, to dynamic scrollers, to text drop shadows, this stuff is pretty cool.  Find out why!

- PHP - - -
I've heard that if you know ASP this is a snap to pick up.  As for myself I got the books, and am trying to get my web server configured to server them up... if anyone knows of a free server that supports PHP out there, let me know.  Thanks!  Here are the links I've dug up so far on PHP, XML and SOAP.

PHP fast&easy web development by  Julie C. Meloni comes with SQL 30 day shareware,  Apache web server, and PHP4 Windows binary and source code. Here's a link to the book:

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